The Solution

Solution – PSeLM or Proactive/Predictive Service Level Management

The solution needs to cover both cultural and process issues as well as proving the correct tools and methods. Thus delivering an Enterprise Application centric solution allowing IT to deliver the service the business demands.

PSeLM is a synergy of process, tools, methods and people tested and proven to deliver the solution:


The solution is consulting led as work needs to be done with the CIOs to address the silo mentality and structures. These need to be changed to centres of excellence built around delivering a service to the business. PSeLM provides a consulting approach to facilitate this change based on a justified
Return on Investment.


Underpinning the cultural change required is the adoption and governance of best of breed processes such as ITIL, CMMI, Six Sigma as this is key to the removal of failures and the building of a repeatable and consistent service business model. This will not only reduce cost but will dramatically improve quality and agility for the business.


The right tool for the right job is the guiding principle behind PS~LM. Central to the solution is a Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) containing the service path of the Enterprise Applications. To this is added detailed knowledge of the enterprise applications, such as complexity, construction
of the actual code, maintainability etc. A real time view is now added giving performance and availability information.Finally a predictive simulation capability to enable us to move from real time into future time.


A tried and proven method of gathering the right Data, turning this into Information and producing Knowledge. The method is repeatable and is based on using the right tools and processes required to become “predictive” and “proactive” when managing the “Enterprise Application Portfolio”.

The Benefits

  • Accurate budgeting of new systems or changes to existing, cutting back the 52.7% that are 189% over budget.
  • Proactive resolutions, fixing the problem before it breaks thus maintaining the SLA and preventing loss of business or penalties.
  • Impact analysis to facilitate decisions such as what will be the effect of increasing through put by say 40% on any given system. Can it handle it, if not what needs to be changed and how much will that cost and how long will it take.
  • Predictive Changes, what if modelling giving up to 95% accurate scenarios to fit the business question.
  • Transparent Outsourcing, such that control is retained and the knowledge of the application and its infrastructure does not leave the organisation. Thus allowing for the auditing of charges based on requests for change.
  • Application Portfolio Management brings Asset Management disciplines to the Enterprise Application Portfolio. Providing the way to control cost, complexity, maintainability of the applications. Facilitating decisions like, "Do I outsource or insource?", "Can I consolidate my applications and save money?".
  • Business Agility, how fast can we change and for how much and what will be the impact.
  • Adherence to standards, ITIL, CMMI, Six Sigma.
  • 100% Quality Assurance of the application dramatically reducing the need to fix in production which is 7 times more expensive.

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