About Whitespace Solutions

Whitespace offers solutions which improve IT efficiency and effectiveness by focusing on the overall
quality of service to the business. We achieve this by providing a synergy of tools, processes, methods a
nd people that make available the knowledge to allow informed decisions about applications and
supporting infrastructure that will enable our clients to evolve to a predictive/proactive approach to
managing their business critical IT services.

Underpinning our solution is our core principle of turning data into information into knowledge.
By collecting raw data, producing useful information and thus creating valuable knowledge
through a repeatable process based on best practice) we deliver:

  • SLA prediction and assurance

  • Application infrastructure optimisation and or consolidation

  • Improve application maintainability and reduce complexity

  • Maximise performance both present and future

  • Mitigate risk and understand the business impact

  • Discover the true application service path

  • Track and monitor transactions

  • Proactively assure IT transaction SLAs

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