Whitespace Solutions offers a wide range of services:

  • Collecting data from an understanding of what the IT estate comprises.
  • Turning this into information, by providing a detail inventory and configuration database.
  • Through producing knowledge by predicting the business impact of a planned IT changes.
Our belief is that by understanding what you have, managing IT in an effective way and assessing business impact by the use of performance modelling allows for a proactive approach to the IT environment.

Understanding what you have

Obtaining a useful perspective of what the IT estate contains has always been an issue, either too expensive to justify the cost or disappointing in the data value. The process has to be accurate and needs to deliver data value, moreover this data needs to be turned into information, and then mined as knowledge. Therefore this process needs to be repeatable and have defined project goals that have been bought into by the business.

This covers such projects as:
  • Software Licence Compliance
  • Hardware Asset Register
  • ITIL systems management processes
  • Consolidated IT Asset Management
Systems Management

IT over the last 5 years has increased dramatically in complexity this has been mitigated slightly by the introduction of more intelligent components. The challenge is to offer the best service to the customer while maintaining a cost effective approach to the solution. Whitespace Solutionís definition of Systems Management is a combination of proven management solutions to exercise control and industry best practice to ensure consistency.

This covers such project as:
  • IT systems Command and Control Centres
  • Network Management
  • Server Management and Consolidation
  • ITIL Systems Management Processes
  • Outsource Readiness
Performance Engineering

Thanks to the take up of the Internet in Europe more and more applications are served to users outside the firewall how does the business plan for this and make changes in a timely and cost effective manner?

Performance engineering was once a fond aspiration, but not a realistic reality. This has changed; not only do Whitespace Solutions offer tools to achieve this but a well-founded and recognised methodology to deliver. Performance Engineering is the next step in systems management.

What do we mean by this? In todayís environment we are able to deliver existing services to the user, but scoping for change has always been difficult, what hardware changes are needed, do we have enough bandwidth to cope which especially important to the WAN teams. Lengthy pilots can be shortened, and changes can be tested. How, by modelling the environment and making the changes virtually thus recognising where new services will have problems within the infrastructure.

This same methodology is proven in the design of aeroplanes, CPUís and software code.

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